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Free graphics, drawing tools


AniTuner 1.0
Allows you to convert all of your animated cursors into little animations like video for Windows, animated GIF files or even single bitmaps which contain all cursor's frames.   
Archimage 1.7b
Utility for the management and organization of photos and images. You can search and select by any word in the image title, description, generate HTML photo albums and resize images.   
AutoTrace 0.31.1
Program for converting bitmap to vector graphics.   
program to batch download images hosted on image-host-websites like Imageshack, Imagefap ...   
BIMP lite 1.61
small and simple batch processor for image files, that allows you to perform various functions on multiple images. It can be used to create thumbnail images from your pictures, add a prefix/postfix (with meta variables), rename using a sequential number, change the case of filenames, replace/remove spaces and underscores, flip or rotate images and also apply anti-aliasing, inverse, greyscale and bevel effects.   
Bome's Image Resizer 1.11 (1.20 beta 1)
This program helps you in editing a large number of image files. It will load bmp and jpg images. They can be resized with high quality, cropped, and rotated. Saving is done as jpg image with configurable compression ratio. It can also be used as an image viewer.   
Cadstd lite 3.6.7
Simple and easy to use 2D computer aided design (CAD) program.   
CleanSkinFX 1.0
Automatic retouch for portraits. It smooths the skin of the object while preserving all the details and crispness of hair, eyes or background.  
compares two Adobe Photoshop PSD files for you and highlights the differences. Layer by layer. Effect by effect.   
EXIF Date Changer 1.1
modifies the date and time attributes of the EXIF data in your digital photos. This allows you to compensate for different time zones within seconds. Also works as a batch renamer to convert your files to a specific format   
Exif Reader 2.80
Image data file analysis tool for Windows. As for a recent digital camera, all almost correspond to the image format named Exif. This software analyzes, and displays the information in image file. For instance, the shutter speed, the state of the flash, and the focus distance, etc. are included.   
EXIF-O-Matic 1.1.8
Tool that allows EXIF information tags from images created by digital cameras to be viewed and exported to HTML or text.  
Tool to create graphical GIF-files from font characters.   
Fortop SWF Resources Extractor 1.2
software which can extract images and sounds from any SWF flash file. The software is able to extract image resources to JPEG or PNG formats, and sound resources to MP3 or WAV audio files.  
FotoTagger 2.13
image annotation tool that enables adding easy-to-hide movable comments to a picture. Publish annotated images directly to your blogs. Find an image with your comment instantly. Caption and comments are embedded into your file.   
tool to search image search engines, photo sharing websites or your own local picture collections simultaneously. Find what you're looking for and use it instantly in your own creation - document, presentation, art work. NET Framweork required.   
Harry's Filters 3.0
Over 55 filters for Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and other graphics tools.  
Helicon Photo Safe 2.60
fully featured image management program. It also allows you to protect your private images by encrypting them with a password. No one will be able to see your private photos except those who know the password.   
HPI Converter 0.0518
converts HPI file into PNG file with alpha transparency.   
IPTCExt 1.1
Shell extension for Windows that adds shell support for viewing and editing IPTC info in JPEG image files.  
CAD program that uses bricks similar to those found in many toys (like LEGO). Currently it has a library of more than 1000 different pieces.   
Merge 2.0
graphic utility for overlaying two images in any relative position prior to saving the result to a file. You can merge the two images in many different ways. There is an option to fade out one image and fade in the other image towards the edge of the final picture.   
Morpheus 1.85
Program that lets you morph from one image to another.   
NetDraw 2.0
Simple network drawing application, you can connect to a remote host, and start to draw, the remote host see your drawing in realtime and can print and save it.   
Photo Resize 3.5
easy-to-use tool for batch resizing of JPG pictures and photos. Drag and drop JPG files or folders with JPG files on the application icon and they will be resized and saved next to the originals. broken link?Comments 
Photo Resize Magic 1.1
tool to resize and convert a lot of your digital photos at once. Add some visual effects (graysclae, blur, ...)to your photos too.   
Photo to Sketch 3.21
tool to convert a photo to excellent sketch, and paint water color freehandly. You can convert your photo to: pen, pencil, pastel or brush sketch.   
PhotoPlus 6
Image creation and editing software with functions like: editable text, picture slicing, image maps, export optimizer and more.   
Pic2Pic 1.2
Utility for batch conversion of image files with rotation, mirroring, and color resolution adjustment.   
Picture-shark 0.9 (0.95 beta)
Tool to "stamp" visible logos or text on image files.   
QCAD 1.5.1
Open-source 2D CAD system. The developers main goals are to build a stable, fast and easy to use CAD for everyone.   
Smart Photo Statistics 3.0
allows users to gather various statistics about images in selected folder. For example: camera model, focal length, flash used, etc.   
StudioLine Photo basic
tool to add descriptions to your images, send photos per email in just the right size, print high-quality copies, display slide-shows, publish web-galleries, safe-keep your images on CD or DVD nad more.  
Tiff2png 0.9
Provides direct TIFF-to-PNG conversion capabilities in a single package. The primary goal was to preserve alpha (transparency) information, but scaling information is also preserved, and the compression setting can be set by the user. This is a command-line program with batch capabilities.   
Time Stamp Modifier
program that enables you to set the file time stamp (date and time) from the EXIF date/time that can be used to batch change the EXIF date/time info.   
UnFREEz 2.1
Application that will take any number of images, saved as separate GIF files, and create a single animated GIF from those images.   
Plug-in for Adobe's Photoshop that will show you picture in the way that colorblind people see it. It is also compatible with products such as Adobe Illustrator, JASC Paintshop Pro, and Macromedia Fireworks.   
WinMorph 3.01
Morphing and warping software.   
X-Fusions Wallpaper 1.0
Wallpapers in thumbnail galleries available for download and setting up on your desktop for free. All wallpapers are sorted to categories and subcategories. It gives you the possibility to search our galleries easy and fast. Just find wallpaper you like, click the button Set wallpaper and everything is done.   




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