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InstaCalc makes your life easy. It's a refreshingly different calculator that is simple, fast and surprisingly fun.

Get real-time results.


It's called InstaCalc for a reason: answers appear as you type. Your time is important, the computer's time is not. Spend less time waiting, more time doing.

Normal calculators and spreadsheets make you type and press Enter. Change the numbers, press Enter. Change the numbers again, press Enter.

Why this extra step? Imagine having to press "Enter" every time you typed a key in Word. Decades of spreadsheets and desk calculators have conditioned us to tolerate this pause between entering numbers and getting an answer. Break free.

See what you're working on.


See your work as you go, just like working on paper. You can see how you got an answer and change the numbers in real-time. You don't have to switch between viewing a cell's results and editing the details.

Regular calculators erase your equation to show you the results. You have to keep track of previous results yourself - will you write them down each time? And if you want to change an answer, you need to retype the entire calculation.

Sure, spreadsheets can have multiple equations, but they only show you one cell at a time. For the other cells you see a number like 81.879 and have to guess or remember how it came to be.

Use readable numbers and equations.


Type readable equations! Write what makes it easy for you, not the computer. Type 6.6 billion (or 6.6b), not 6600000000. Write "distance = mph * hours", not "=E3 * C2". Reference your results by name, not cell number.

The spreadsheet replies:

Hey, I can do that too! You want commas? Just Select cell > Format Menu > Cells... > Category Number > Comma Formatting > Click OK. And only lazy people want to write 6.6b instead of 6600000000. Names? Just select the rows, choose Insert > Name > Define...

Meanwhile, you've forgotten what you wanted to do in the first place. InstaCalc gets out of your way.

Link to any result.

You can save a link to any calculation

You can share a link to any calculation - no logins, no attachments, no fuss. Readers can see your thoughts, change the numbers, and comment back with a new link!

The best part is that your original link stays the same. If someone changes the numbers, they get a new link when they save the page. Compare this to trying to post a spreadsheet or screenshot to your blog - link to a live, editable calculator.

Put a calculator on your website.


Even better than linking, show your readers your thoughts! Click the Embed button to get code that puts InstaCalc on your site, like this:

Calculations are as shareable as any webpage. Readers can edit the results in real-time, and there's no login required.

Create charts and graphs.


Whip up a quick chart for your article, email or blog (see example). No attachments, no 5-step wizards, just a simple chart. And it's editable - the chart updates as you change the numbers!

Explore dozens of extras.

InstaCalc is filled with powerful options you wouldn't expect from a calculator. The best part? If you never use 'em, they aren't in your face to bother you. See the reference section on the homepage for a full list.

Describe your work.

Add a quick sentence or paragraph about what you were thinking - even include links to background content.


Make programming easier.


Software geeks (myself included) appreciate an easy way to convert numbers to and from hex and binary. Use shortcuts like 1GB (yes, an actual GB). Use binary operations like AND, OR, NOT and XOR. Use simple if-then statements. And keep track of all your results at once.

Use random numbers.


Want to roll dice? Introduce random inputs into your formula? Practice your times tables? It's possible - just add random numbers to your equation.

Hide rows you don't want.


Spreadsheets are nice because they hide details. InstaCalc can do the same: Just click a result to hide details for that row. Show the final results for a calculation, for a clean look.

Take it for a test drive.

InstaCalc was meant to be fast and fun. Nope, you won't be throwing out your spreadsheet; 18-wheelers have their uses. But for everyday use, a sports car is more enjoyable. And a free sports car is even better.

Want quick, easy and shareable results? Use InstaCalc!




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