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Admissions Open Hindi Movie watch online in HD or download 

Admissions Open
K D Satyam
Anupam Kher, Aashish Vidyarthi, Ankur Khanna, Pramod Moutho and Rati Agnihotri
  Sonia Chopra
  Inspired by a dozen odd campus movies, primarily by last year’s blockbuster 3 Idiots, Admissions Open propagates the message of following your heart to choosing a career. Are you yawning already; wait, the story takes such a bizarre turn, you almost fall off your chair.

So we see this bunch of students graduating from high school. One by one they come up on stage and say things like - `the one thing I’ll remember is the girls in the short skirts’, or `I’ll remember professor so and so farting’.

This is the filmmaker’s manner of introducing us to the central characters. One is fat, so always stuffing himself with food, then there’s the leading man, the Betty, and a miscast Veronica. There are two other hangers-on to take the story forward when it gets stuck. Now, these kids have parents who are brash and insensitive to their career choices, and are coercing them to get into the best engineering colleges in Pune.

For the 'below-average' students such as our protagonists, this is an impossible task, and one they’re not even keen on pursuing. One wants to make music their career, the other wants to paint, and so on. The arguments presented in the film are so flimsy, you almost sympathise with the parents. The kids are not demanding an alternate solid career, or a choice based on some serious talent; it’s vague, like `Dad, I want to do music’ (singing, composing, or writing?) and `Dad, I want to be a painter’ (a white dot on a black circle, really?). Now, who can take such proclamations seriously?

But our minds are made up for us; we’re supposed to hate the parents and side with this bunch. Further on, these characters do something as plausible as Salman Khan waving a white flag towards Vivek Oberoi. They approach Professor Tariq (Anupam Kher) who has radical thoughts on the education system, and miraculously has even built a five-star institution. (The backstory is exactly like in 3 Idiots, where the dean’s son has commits suicide due to pressure to take up engineering.)

The institution is closed now, as its accreditation has been rejected. So what, reasons gang-leader Arjun; we’ll gather a 100 students in a week’s time and start the college on our own. Hooray! The genial dean is also taken in by the idea, but dies on them on the orientation day. Then on this bunch, that called itself below average just minutes ago, takes over the running of this massive institution.

Getting students is no problem, as there is no admission criteria: there’s a saucer-eyed, mumbo-jumbo lady dressed in tantric robes, a womanizer, a mysterious krantikari (revolutionary) ,a gay person throwing himself on any available male, girls roaming around the campus in minis, and so on. Our protagonists, now co-founders of the SPIRIT College, scribble down the syllabus on a whiteboard. They also take over the teaching. The fat person will teach cooking they decide, one will teach music, the other science and so on. They are guided by Professor Devang (Ashish Vidyarthi in Hawaiian prints), who teaches the class under the trees with a drink in his hand.

About the only nice things one can say about the film is that Ankur Khanna, the actor who plays Arjun has conviction and screen presence, and makes us hope he lands better films. The music (Amit Trivedi: Dev.D, Wake up Sid) is breezy too.

Let’s not even get into the abysmal dubbing and other technical aspects. The most worrisome part of the film is that the only alternative it presents to a rote-learning, creativity-stifling system is a bunch of novices running an institution with a Bermuda-wearing alcoholic as its dean. It’s the other extreme; a messed-up utopia devoid of any practical sense. Therefore, the film, intending to soften us towards the radical system, actually ends up making a very strong argument for the former. Now if that isn’t peculiar, what is?

Verdict: 1 star Now this film did have a noble idea. But alas! Why had it to be so ignobly done. While the first half does manage to raise a few pertinent questions on higher education and parental pressure, the second half goes completely cuckoo with a bunch of crazy characters aimlessly going around under the ruse of running a college of the youth, by the youth, for the youth. Ekdum weird! End result?.Ankur and his band of crazy friends to run the institute which offers classes in the art of cooking, music, seduction, bhaigiri, politics and what-you-will. Of course, there are no teachers, no exams, no order, only chaos, as the students supposedly go around tutoring themselves. Total and terrible confusion. movies, songs, puzzle, games, softwares nikhil r world




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