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Discover These 7 Exam Secrets in 30 Minutes to Maximize Your Success

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7 Exam Secrets in 30 Minutes
Discover These 7 Exam
Secrets in 30 Minutes to
Maximize Your Success
By Raj Bapna
B.E. (BITS, Pilani), M.Tech. (IIT, Kgp)
Former Intel California Engineer
Best-selling author of "Raj Bapna’s Mind Power Study Techniques” and
co-founder of and
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7 Exam Secrets in 30 Minutes
Secret #1
The Single Most Important Crucial
Success Factor: Understanding the
difference between 100% whole-hearted
effort and 90% or 95% effort
Understanding this principle is crucial for your success.
Let me tell you about my own failure so that you don't make the same mistake
and get big success (and hopefully send me a "thank you" letter/email).
In Pilani during my engineering education, I was among the high grade students.
That was so in all semesters except the last semester.
What happened?
Well, I thought, "I am very intelligent and smart and I will surely get admission
with scholarship to at least 2 American universities and will go to USA." "And,
since the admission to America does not depend on how well I do in the final
semester, let me relax a bit. Let me not work hard to the 100% of my ability. Let
me work only 90% or 95% as hard as I always worked".
With that thought process, when the results finally came, I scored about 6.5
grade points out of 10 (where as I was above 9 grade points out of 10 otherwise).
What's the lesson for you?
If you have a goal and if the goal is so important that you are really serious about
achieving, willing to work hard and make sacrifices, then put in 100% effort. Don't
be a lazy person thinking just 90% or 95% effort will be good enough.
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7 Exam Secrets in 30 Minutes
I strongly recommend you consider using a mind machine to help you in your
journey to achieve your goals with more certainty and less stress.
Secret #2
Take One Simple Action Now That Can
Propel You Ahead of Others Towards
Your Success Beginning Today
Whether you are a student or in job, whether you goal is to top an exam or a
competition or to get promotion, please pay attention.
I have created the 2 questions below so you can type and after you finish
typing, this information does not go to anybody and it is simply deleted (if you
want you can take printout of this page). Yet, the simple process of writing your
goals will keep you ahead of others for your success (why? I'll tell you in another
article, but trust me for now).
So, answer 2
below NOW because it is about your success.
What is your most important goal for the next 1 to 2 years?
Write down why the goal is so important to you. What it would mean to you
and your family when you achieve success. Also write down what it would
mean if you fail to achieve your goal.
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7 Exam Secrets in 30 Minutes
That's it.
Congratulate yourself because by writing above, you have committed to your
own big success.
Secret #3
Master Key to Time Management:
How to Use Your Time Effectively for
Your Success
Successful time management does not mean doing all the things you would like
to do. It means that you decide which tasks you will do and which you will
postpone for the next day. It means that you will not forget any important work.
Here is a technique for time management that I have used for more than twenty
years. I like this technique. It is simple and it works.
One American businessman once paid $ 25,000 for this same technique.
Make a list of all the things you want to do in the next few days. The tasks you
must do today, mark them "A". Those tasks you do not have to finish today, but
you would like to, mark them "B". Mark the remaining tasks as "C". Then consider
all the tasks marked "A", and mark them as "A1", "A2", etc. "A1" means that you
will do it first. "A2" means that you will do it after doing the "A1" task.
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7 Exam Secrets in 30 Minutes
Everyday start doing "A" tasks starting with A1. If all "A" tasks are done, or if you
are waiting for some "A" task to complete and you do not have any more "A"
tasks, then start doing "B" tasks.
At the end of the day, copy the incomplete tasks to a new paper. You can add
any new tasks. Then you again begin marking them as "A1", "A2", ..., "B1",...,
"C1", etc.
Use this technique for two weeks. If you can use it patiently for two weeks, I
believe you will use this for rest of your life
Secret #4
The Most Important Time Management
Secret That Nobody Teaches You
Let me show you below what a wise advertising great John Carlton says.
You work hard.
But you can be too lazy, too.
In fact, it's in our nature to be lazy. I often tell people that, if you really want to
understand how the human race behaves, you must go watch the gorilla cage at
the zoo for a week. At first, you'll just see a bunch of hairy apes doing their
thing. But soon enough, you'll begin to recognize the many traits they share with
Such as... being as lazy as possible, as much as possible."
Here is one tactic that actually forces employees to get things done in offices:
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7 Exam Secrets in 30 Minutes
Oh, they can be hateful things, deadlines. Reminiscent of high school papers
due, smog tests needed, so-and-so's birthday coming up (when they expect
something impressive from you).
And when you finally study on your own or learn new skills for which there are
no deadlines from others, it can be tempting to abandon them.
Big mistake. As inherently lazy creatures, we need deadlines to be efficient.
Deadlines make your goals become reality. They form a brick wall in the
misty netherworld of "tomorrow" that keeps you in line.
Deadlines should be an integral part of your study [exam success] plan.
The ONLY way to attack a problem... is to roll up your sleeves and dig
in. And have a plan that includes a deadline for finishing it.
This is not a small or minor hindrance in your quest for success. I recently
fielded yet another email from a rookie who claimed to desperately want to
become "the best ad writer in the world."
Okay. Fine. But his question reeked of fear - he wanted to know how much
time each day he should spend reading books, about writing and advertising, and
how often he should copy out great ads in longhand.
Not okay. Not fine. This boy is crippled with "can't let the curtain come up"
disease. A pretty bad case, too.
Unfortunately... he's got a lot of company.
This kind of question never even forms in the mind of someone truly seeking
ad writing expertise. You're too busy making your goal a reality. It's not "how
long should I prepare," but what else can I do, right now, to make this happen?"
Action, not excuses for inaction.
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7 Exam Secrets in 30 Minutes
You want to get into it up you neck, as quickly as possible.
I am brutal about my own deadlines. I've never missed a deadline for a client
-never - and I'll be damned if I'll treat myself with any less respect. Even so...
and even though I know the power of deadlines... I still waffle and hesitate to
make them part of my plan for any project. Because they can be painful. You
have to forgo pleasures and fun things, sometimes, to meet your deadlines. You
have to stay up late, and concentrate and focus and absorb and retain stuff. And
it hurts. Mommy! I don'tfeeeeel well. I need to stay home today.
Nope. Sick or stressed, crashed computer or stalled car, you gotta meet your
deadlines. It's good for you. (It's true - nearly all the really successful people I
know... the ones having fun achieving their success... rarely get sick.)
It's also another of those little secret traits that set you apart from your
competitors, no matter what goals you've set for yourself. Setting and meeting
deadlines is a major form of taking responsibility for yourself. You become the
"action center point" of any deal, because you're the guy making everything
And you'll come to love your deadlines, I promise you. Because, once you
stop stalling around and making excuses and start setting deadlines... an
amazing amount of things will start happening in your life. And you'll be the guy
making them happen.
It happens fast, and it changes your life almost immediately. So stop
whining. Embrace your next deadline. It's your partner."
--- this article is courtesy of John Carlton ---
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7 Exam Secrets in 30 Minutes
Secret #5
Don't Be Unskilled and Unaware of It
Two professors Justin Kruger and David Dunning from Department of
Psychology at Cornell University in USA published a paper titled (I also give the
Abstract below):
Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own
Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments
People tend to hold overly favorable views of their abilities in many social and
intellectual domains. The authors suggest that this overestimation occurs, in part,
because people who are unskilled in these domains suffer a dual burden: Not
only do these people reach erroneous conclusions and make unfortunate
choices, but their incompetence robs them of the metacognitive ability to realize
it. Across 4 studies, the authors found that participants scoring in the bottom
quartile on tests of humor, grammar, and logic grossly overestimated their test
performance and ability. Although their test scores put them in the 12th
percentile, they estimated themselves to be in the 62nd. Several analyses linked
this miscalibration to deficits in metacognitive skill, or the capacity to distinguish
accuracy from error. Paradoxically, improving the skills of participants, and thus
increasing their metacognitive competence, helped them recognize the
limitations of their abilities.
They tested people for their "humour", "grammar" and "logic", and found the
results that those who were good knew they were good (a bit less than they
really were), but those who were not good at those were confident that they were
Lesson for You
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7 Exam Secrets in 30 Minutes
Are you confident of success? Certain? Almost sure? Quite sure? Unsure?
You may or may not be right.
Getting some other recognized expert (your teachers / trainers) evaluate you can
help you know where you stand and accordingly plan your success path.
Secret #6
#1 Karate Secret for Faster Success in
Exams and Life
Have you watched any Karate (or any other martial arts) movies?
Do you know how someone becomes a great Karate expert? A master?
Each great expert is not expert in hundreds of moves. But, expert is a few
To become a Karate master, a student learns many many moves, but then
decides which he/she likes most and chooses a set of moves (less than 10) to
practice thousands of time.
So, the secret of power or mastery in Karate lies in REPETITION and not in
knowing a huge number of moves.
How does this apply to you for faster success in exams and life?
You need to practice some good habits, study skills again and again and again.
Learning 200 more skills will not help you as much as practicing 10 or 20 skills
many many times, so you become really good at it.
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7 Exam Secrets in 30 Minutes
Examples: reading faster and systematic revision that I teach. You practice these
and you become better and get more marks.
Secret #7
How competitions are different from
exams and the importance of the 'Bell
Curve' for success in competitions
You need to understand that in any competition, very few students get 0 marks or
100 marks. A large number of students get marks in a range close to the average
Bell Curve
"Bell Curve" is the shape of the graph that you'll see if you plot the marks
students get in any exam or competition. Without boring you with details
of Statistics and Probability theory (branches of Mathematics), let me just say
this: The "Bell Curve" tells us that most will get marks that are close to the
average and fewer people will get marks that are high or low. The real
importance of "Bell Curve" is that it tells us that since very few people get very
high marks, a difference of say just "a few marks out of 100" will make a big
difference in your rank.
A Few Marks Make a Big Difference
For example, in the CAT (MBA entrance exam), the difference between someone
who does not get interview call and some who gets his or her first choice could
be as small as a few marks only out of 100. Or, "each mark counts" and you
probably know this from common sense, but not knowing the science behind it,
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7 Exam Secrets in 30 Minutes
most people lack the confidence necessary to take strong actions (such as good
coaching or using a mind machine).
What is the value of one additional mark - Rs
50,000, Rs 1 lakh, Rs 5 lakhs, or ...
If a student achieves success in competition, then an additional mark may not be
very valuable. But if that additional one mark will turn failure into success, then it
is worth a lot.
Here are two cases:
First, the student tries again and succeeds the next year. So he looses the salary
for one year. That also means that he may be working one year less before he
retires. He will lose the salary for the final year of his career and that salary could
be 50,000, 2 lakhs or even more per month.
Second, a student does not succeed. For example, if someone fails for the third
time in ICS/IAS, he will not get another chance. That means getting a smaller
salary. If you add the difference in the earnings for a lifetime, it may add up to
many lakhs of rupees.
But money is not all. There are other important advantages of success such as
better job, pride of achievement, more respect, more self-confidence, more
satisfaction, greater security, etc.
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7 Exam Secrets in 30 Minutes
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7 Exam Secrets in 30 Minutes
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